Saturday, November 05, 2005

I think I've recovered

fully from my bout with the flu. Whew. That was awful and horrible and I am so glad to be feeling better again.

Working again, back at the other job, we reopened for a few more weeks. It's been great. Aside from the flu.

I have also officially turned 30. The number seems way to grown up for me. My birthday was great and so far I have adjusted okay to leaving the twenties. ;)

On a yarny note there is sadly not much to report. I am 3/4 through the purse. Yes, still on the FIRST of SIX. GAH! There will be some mad crocheting and felting coming up here pretty quick folks. At this point I am not seeing many other Christmas projects in my immediate holiday future. I do need/want to make hats and scarves for the boys. Trying to decide how to fit them in amongst the paid work.

I do have pictures of my sister in her shawl to get resized and up, hopefully either today or tomorrow. Something's gotta liven up this blog, the poor little nephew man has been doing way too much already. ;)

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