Wednesday, November 09, 2005

It should just be a scarf.

A simple scarf. I've promised my boys scarves, bought the yarn ages and ages ago-Lion Brand Wool-Ease. My first KNIT scarf, plain old knitting. I have now restarted FOUR times. Yes folks, FOUR TIMES. Gauge is off, I didn't cast on enough, thought about cabling, decided to restart on smaller needles. Now I am thinking I may have cast on too many stitches on the smaller needles. I am only three rows in. My usual mode of thinking is FROG and start over! At this point though, will it ever be right? If I frog once more have I thrown myself into some sort of cycle? Is this some new way of procrastinating?? Do I secretly want to scrap this and start over with a bulkier yarn that will work up more quickly? I am leaning towards just getting on with it. So what if it seems wider than I had planned? My boys won't care! It would just add to the warmth, right?

It should be so easy. And we all know this is just my way of putting off working on the purses.

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