Monday, November 21, 2005

Moving on

Bag #3 is begun! I am so proud. #2 is not completely finished, I'm working on the i-cord and need to make a pocket as well, along with felting. I'm knitting bag #3 and plan on starting #4 in crochet. I figure if I have one started each way I can flip back and forth if I begin to get bored. Here's to me knowing me, eh?

The girlies and I had a great time at the craft fair, complete with princess hats for them and puzzles for the boys. I also found Christmas presents for our parents. I believe this is the absolute EARLIEST I have ever had Christmas presents bought. In spite of years working in retail, I always, always put off Christmas shopping until the last minute.

On a funnier note, at least for me, last night I stopped by the convenience store on my way home from work. Up at the counter the guy rang up 1 6 pack bottled Budweiser, 2 small bags of Cornuts-plain, 1 bag of Cheetos Cheese popcorn, and 1 smallish bag of Tato-Skins Cheddar & Bacon chips (my most favorite chips EVER) for me. He asked for my I.D., mentioned that I must be a college student, and then choked on his own tongue when he saw I was THIRTY. Oh who knew a trip to the convenience store for trashy manly type stuff would be so good for the soul?

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