Saturday, August 20, 2005


Holy Moly. I just took a four or five hour nap. This is absolutely unheard of.

Mr. Blue has been gone for the past three days for a fun work trip to Miami, a big banquet, lots of fun, and all because he works so hard. He came home last night, and today was taking the children to visit family for the day. A WHOLE DAY TO MYSELF! I was supposed to clean. I did some work, then laid down on the couch and conked out. A phone call woke me up. Some of you may realize what a monumental day this has been. I was able to lay down, fall asleep-UNINTERRUPTED SLEEP-and not worry about when I needed to wake up. Sleep, rest, with no parameters. Generally, just getting a nap in is amazing. THIS, my friends, is unheard of. AAAAAHHHHHHH!

Now I need to fit in some cleaning before dinner at my parents AND (drumroll please) my sister, her husband, AND MY LITTLE NEPHEW MAN are coming in around 9:00. I AM SO EXCITED AND HAPPY I CANNOT CONTAIN MYSELF!!!! WOOOHOOO!!!! I cannot wait to hug them all and then wait my turn to steal the baby, I mean, of course my mom and grandma should have the first hugs and snuggles, but you can bet I will be anxiously awaiting my turn.

In yarn related news, I started a washcloth for the nephew, from the same site as the ribbon one. With a T on it. I was about 3/4 done but had to frog eight rows as I had apparently purled 3 stitches instead of knitting them. Sigh. Using cotton tots, and wow is it softer than Sugar 'n Cream. I knew it was, but didn't realize the difference in working with it.

This is the pattern I am using. Be sure to check out the main page, she has a TON of cool dishcloth patterns, and even takes requests.

Now I am off for some furious cleaning, a fabulous dinner, and BABY HUFFING! WOOOHOOO!


GI said...

Not. Fair. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. How was the little nephew man?

Venus said...

No fair! A nap and a sweet baby head to huff? You suck. *love*