Thursday, August 18, 2005

Damn that Venus

For getting that aaaahahaahahahaha Neverending Story song stuck in my head. Grrrr. I am now listening to Gorillaz thanks to her link, it's the least she could do for being so mean. Incidently, she is also weirder than I am. Woohooo! (Really though, I think she only looks weirder.)

The first day of school went VERY well, the girls were all sorts of excited. They were both nervous as this is the first time they are in separate classes, but it went well. Abs still isn't that excited about, but she'll come around. A definite switch from last year when Abbie was ready for some independence and Arenne was decidedly not. They had fun today, especially getting all dressed up in their hip new clothes. I only wish I were half as stylish. The boys missed them though, they even hugged them when they came home.

Major decluttering here, crazy, but aaaah it feels so good! Of course once all four children were home and I was making dinner it quickly deteriorated, but at least they don't have as much stuff to mess it up with.


Venus said...

Faery pic? Nuff said *snicker*

Lisa said...

Don't make me delete your comments. ROFL LOL

Venus said...


Prepares c/p for her blog in retaliation.

Lisa said...