Sunday, August 07, 2005

Blee Blah Bloh Blah

Describes me today. Out of sorts, flaring a bit, and tiyad of whatever is causing me to jerk around the way I do. Nothing like a little unintentional twitch to spice up a day, eh?

I've started the 2nd kitchen cotton dishcloth, which means I've actually started a set. The knitting is getting easier for me and I am definitely getting faster at purling. I'm not as bogged down in the pattern this time around. I'm also working on some of the cloches I need to do, and I HAVE to get started on the purses. Have to. I also must finish the little man nephew socks, as he will be coming with my sis and her husband to visit in TWO WEEKS! I actually get to snuggle and sniff him in person in two weeks, I CAN'T WAIT! I've even offered to have him overnight to give them a break-but we all know it's really so I can have him all to myself. Myself and the kids, I mean. They are all very excited to meet their new cousin.

I MUST get myself motivated to get some stuff down around the house, and go through the ten million pounds of clothing we own. I really, really want to have the kids' clothes gone through and organized befor school starts. Pray for me.

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