Sunday, December 05, 2004


So I am still working on my dishcloth turned scarf, buuuut now I am wondering if it is too wide. Between the yarn, the size of the hook, and the stitch I am using I think I will be working on it FOREVER. I was thinking about taking it apart and starting over, but I hate to destroy all that work. I guess I will keep going, it's not really worth it to take it apart, as it's just for me.

Tomorrow I need to start another hat and scarf set, just like the auction set. Another Sybermom is buying it from me. So, my first ever sale of something I've crocheted. WOOHOO! It's a nice feeling.

I am also making some scarves and hats for my bil's girlfriend for Christmas, and may be doing some other things for presents, depending on how much time all of this takes me.

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