Saturday, December 18, 2004

Christmas shoppingl...Yay

So we finally got some Christmas shopping done, other than the few things I had gotten off of ebay. The crowds were nuts, but we seem to have gotten all of the kid shopping done, WOOHOOO! They are going to be way too much fun on Christmas morning.

I have not felt in the holiday spirit at all yet this year, hopefully I will soon, sheesh it's almost Christmas! I am working on Alysia's hat/scarf set for her gift, I am loving the blues and greens and can't wait to see it finished, I will definitely post pics.

I must suffer from some Christmas tree procrastination illness. We have had real trees in the past, I LOVE real trees, Mr Blue hates them. It doesn't seem like Christmas without going to pick out a tree, and that nice fresh smell. Well, in the past, when we have gotten the tree, we've somehow not gotten around to decorating it, or I leave it up waaaay too long. Last year my parents gave us a nice fake tree, complete with lights as a gift. Mr Blue was VERY happy about this.

The tree is up, Mr Blue put it together, and I arranged all the branches. It has approximately 4 ornaments on it, that the children have made at school and brought home. That's it. We have other ornaments, but it seems like we have not had the time as a family to decorate it, or we would rather just relax. We MUST get this tree decorated for crying out loud!

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