Thursday, December 16, 2004

Crocheting we will go

Crocheting we will go,
high ho the merry-o
crocheting we will go!

So, I am just about finished with the hat from the hat/scarf set. Hopefully the scarf will work up as quickly. Next up is a hat/scarf set for my bil's girlfriend, I am using Lion Brand Boucle in Lime Blue, with Fun Fur to match. It is GORGEOUS, and I think I will end up wanting one for myself too!

After that, I want to go back to the felted bag I was working on, and get that finished. Then I will figure out what to do with my dishcloth turned scarf.

Man do I need to get going Christmas wise, whew! It is way too close for comfort, even for a procrastinator like me!

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