Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sometimes Life Hands You

a lot of stuff. All at once. And you go through a ton of emotions and thoughts and a lot of other bullshit and then you are just tired. Knitting is good for this. Working with yarn is a nice way to get out the emotions with out crying, screaming, sniffing, huffing and puffing, and putting yourself out there.

On a better note my godchild, Nikki, will be SIXTEEN tomorrow. She will be getting this purse that I am madly knitting and secretly want to steal. She requested black and hot pink and I love her little punk rock girl self. I hope her birthday is great for her. (And not at all like those stupid, over the top, spoiled ass birthdays those little brats have on the MTV My Super Sweet Sixteen show have. Okay maybe one or two of those kids is an all around good person and deserves it, but COME ON.) I'm happy that Nikki is fully her own person and someone I really like and I hope she has an amazing birthday. (Especially because I am pretty sure the little punk will find this and read it. ;) )

Her turning 16 reminds me of when I turned 16 and then I realize really how old I am. More so when we listen to music and she's shocked that I like certain things. (I'm not THAT old!) It's cool though to see how music is important to her, I know it was and still very much is to me. Nice to be reminded of that.

Now I'm off to knit my angst away and then fall into an early night 30 year old sleep.

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