Monday, July 17, 2006

BlueConvalescence:an update

I think I might have spelled that wrong, but I am too lazy to change it. It will probably bug me though until I find out for sure and then fix it. But again, that will have to happen later.

Today the man brought me home a Starbucks frappucino, isn't that the best???! I was so thirsty for one, and now that I am not able to grab one before work, or after or even sneak out to get one, it seems like I crave it even more. Not being able to just go drive myself somewhere is kind of frustrating. ESPECIALLY when it comes to coffee. Okay, kidding, well...mostly.

So I think tomorrow a friend will be taking pity on me and coming to pick me up to go to a YARN STORE! WOOHOOO! I need some yarn for a felted purse and would rather get it now to have it done for the birthday girl on time AND I found that we actually have a couple yarn stores in our fair cities here on the edge of Iowa. Hopefully I can talk the man into hooking the digital cam back up so I can take it along. There may just be some more excitement on this blog soon.

Hold on to your hats kids!

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