Monday, January 14, 2008

The best christmas card ever

This is my grandma. We found this picture when we were planning her 80th birthday party this last September. My sister and I had it blown up especially for the party.

My mom took it further. She made it into a Christmas card and on the back she wrote Bah Humbug. Is it not the epitomy of how every woman feels on a super busy holiday?

My grandma shared with us that this picture was taken by my grandpa-supposedly of the tree, which is what we're sure he told her but really wanted to get a picture of her because he was a very funny man. They had both sets of parents visiting, and other family showed up on their doorstep, along with some friends. She said a neighbor was out of town and offered up her house for family to stay in. My grandma had four children, and along with the normal holiday craziness a house full to the brim with visitors. No wonder she was exhausted.

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