Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Absent Blogger returns...again

Here I am again, you'd have thought with all the time I've had to spend resting I should've been able to post a blog entry or too, but noooooo. Truthfully I could have taken the time, but my early days home were spent mostly sleeping or being with my family. One of my sisters also stayed for a month and helped me get my house in shape, and I got to spend lots of time with my little nephew man, who is growing bigger very quickly.

I did do some yarny things, made baby hats, started a bag for myself, and worked on some projects that have been and continue to be sorely neglected. I just can't seem to get back into the groove, it doesn't help that my hands have not wanted to work properly and are swollen a lot, but still! I miss working with my yarn. A ton. For my birthday I received a gift card for Hobby Lobby, ostensibly for pictures for my office, but I'm hoping to squeeze in a few skeins to make caps with. Those are always fun, easy, and useful.

I've got to get some pictures up to make this more colorful, it's sad how long it's been since I've posted any. I have one of the kids with my grandma and nephew I will try to get up here later, along with a first day of school pic that was actually taken at the end of the day because of a HUGE thunderstorm we had that morning. It's a hilarious pic of my four kids, I love it. They are all growing up so fast, my baby is now 5 and quickly losing any of those baby reminders, like his chubby little hands. My older son is 7 and very much a boy, complete with skinny legs and knobby knees. My daughters are now 8 and very much girls, no longer little. It's so cliched but it really is true that they grow up way too fast. Unfortunately no amount of hugging and holding onto them keeps that from happening.

I hope, if there are any readers left, that you are all well. If you haven't yet, check out Venus' blog for her very cool sock creatures and see what she did with a pincushion, it cracks me up and I want one too. Even though I rarely sew.

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