Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Oh Holy Moly I'm Here Again!

In true me fashion I completely forgot my username and password to sign into this bad boy. Finally I have had the time to sort it all out. Why, well because I am in the hospital!

Bleu Convalesces Part Deux. So I've got an auto-immune disorder, finally diagnosed after 3 years. I had a pretty scary night last Friday and was admitted to the ER, then ICU, and now I am in the urgent care unit. I am doing incredibly well all things considered, and they are now getting me set up on meds and working that all out. I will be here for a few more days while they make sure everything is working right. I am very, very blessed.

So, my days are pretty eventful and full of excitement. I am woken up for all the bp, heart rate, blood draw, and so on. At this point one of my next door neighbors begins asking for and trying to go find her breakfast, even though it comes at the same time everyday. Then she doesn't want to eat it. At this point I brush my teeth, have breakfast, get showered, take a walk around the halls-mask firmly on because I am on a med to suppress my immune system as it has been attacking my blood vessels, bladder, and colon. Thanks to large doses of steroids I am back on track. Thank goodness for this laptop because I was getting a little bored with tv, books, and magazines. So, after all of that excitement I have lunch, then jack around a bit, then another walk, then a nap, then jacking around again, and then dinner! After dinner I occasionally do another walk, which I usually take after the man who walk the halls and farts continuously is done, then jacking around and then I try to crash. Sometimes I am not able to crash because my other next door neighbor likes to yell for nurses instead of using that handy, dandy call button.

As I said, big big times. I am storing up all sorts of yarny projects in my head for when I am back at home convalescing. Woohooo!

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Jennifa said...

Hahaha, there was a farter/walker guy on my last hospital visit. My fiance was SO happy about that.

I know of a site or two that lets you watch TV shows (and I think movies) for free. If you get bored, let me know.