Saturday, October 04, 2008

My littlest guy is SIX today!

Colin had just turned two years old when this picture was taken, he is making a fashion statement in one of his sisters' hat and coat. He was such a little chubba. Today we are celebrating all day that he is now six years old, boy is he feeling big. This morning he announced he can now reach the tallest monkey bars, because of course he must be taller. He's asked for a jet pack and a dirtbike, both of which have been nixed for obvious reasons, but his dad did look them up on the internet for him. Colin will now tell you "I really wanted a jet pack, but they cost way too much money." lol

He is also wearing a "birthday tie." We had stopped at a consignment store yesterday and he found this tie and wanted it for his birthday, he's been wearing since then. I'll post pics later but it is hilarious, he walked up to my dad and yelled "HEY GRANDPA LOOK AT MY BIRTHDAY TIE!"

I love this kid.

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