Saturday, November 04, 2006

Being busy sometimes sucks.

So, I have this cold. This horrible cold that I've had for a couple weeks now that tricks me into thinking I am getting better and then it gets WORSE. Stuffed up, head cold, body aches, keeping me up at night miserableness. UGGGGH.

Last night was one of those how many things can we pack into one night nights. All I really wanted to do was come home, get into my jammies, drink hot tea, read, internet, maybe knit or crochet. That's all I wanted. Instead I got off of work, went to the bank, stopped at the store, picked up the kids, went to another store, got them all to one of the local colleges to drop the girls off for a Girl Scouts overnighter where we waited forever and a day, and then finally got some dinner for the boys and me, put coolant in the car because the engine was overheating and proceeded to come back home to wrap the present for the nephew who turns eight today. We were supposed to then go up to the in-laws to meet my husband who had just gotten off of work for an impromptu birthday dinner for the nephew. I decided that we would not make it to the dinner as it was already almost 9pm and would take a half an hour just to get there. We are taking the nephew for dinner or something another night to celebrate then instead.

The plan at the point was to take some Nyquil and crash. We only had two kids at home. Should have been easy. I took the Nyquil once the husband was home and proceeded to crash. To be woken more than a few times by ornery boys who were too dang overtired and couldn't sleep.

Thankfully the boys all got out of here today and the girls and I slept and made breakfast and lounged. But now I need to get in gear again as the husband and I have an actual date. A real-live go out to dinner date without any children in tow. It is amazing. I've been waiting forever to do this. And now I feel like crap and just want to climb into fresh jammies and crash again.


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