Thursday, March 16, 2006

What a switch.

So today as I was leaving work and heading into traffic my sister called. The older of my two younger sisters, the one who had this very busy great job and worked overtime and did the whole commute thing. She would take pity on me and talk to me even when she was busy and I was a sahm and yearning, well actually grasping for any shred of adult conversation I could get. She was there when I needed her and listened when she didn't quite get this crazy mom person her sister had turned into. Fast forward 5 or so years.

Now I get the phone calls. The phone calls where she says Now I totally understand why you went so crazy then. Now I get it. In a weird way this warmed my heart and made me feel good and loved my sister for going through it too.

Today I was the one doing the traffic just getting out of work craziness and she was the sahm (who does work for her and her husband's business out of the home) and the role reversal was just really unbelievable. I've always been the get married have kids type-even if I did think differently about this than my family did lol. She was the driven go to school and move and get a great job and do well at it type. Isn't it wild to see us grow up?

The best part of having siblings is learning from each others' experiences and being able to be blunt and honest and all of that while learning from those experiences. It's also really great to watch each other go through those same things and be amazed at our own grown-upness. Who would've thought way back when when we were fighting over the tv and the phone and just about anything else-no matter how petty-that came to mind.

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