Sunday, January 29, 2006

So I go back to use the bathroom off of our bedroom, flip on the light AND...

there is a mouse in our toilet. WTF?!?! I mean, he's not like a cat, he can't cling to the edge to drink the water! The mouse is swimming in the water, can't get out.

So, Joe said what are you doing? I tell him about the mouse, I am fascinated, just watching this mouse. A fairly good sized mouse, cute, except that he was swimming in toilet water. So Joe says FLUSH IT! Joe hates mice. HATES THEM. They really don't bother me all that much, except this one was impeding my ability to use my toilet. I contemplate the flushing, asking Joe if he thinks it will go down. After all, we don't need a mouse-clogged toilet. A mouse IN the toilet is enough. He says of course it will FLUSH IT! with a little more urgency.

I wrestled with this again, I mean come on, the mouse is cute with his big eyes and he's already stuck in the toilet. (I wondered if he was a stupid mouse who really thought he could go for a swim and get back out or if he was a mouse just prone to accidents, as I am, and was just having a really shitty day.)

His day got worse. I flushed him. Poor mouse. I then worried about him coming back up. No one wants to sit on a toilet and have a mouse come back up, right? So, I flushed a couple more times. (Of course I waited a little in between flushes as I really did not need to overflow the toilet and then have to clean up toilet water and a mouse.)

I am a mouse killer.

p.s. Thank you God for not letting this happen to me last night when the bathroom light was burnt out and I would've sat down with no warning.


Venus said...

Poor Mickey. :(


stitchingbitch said...

I seriously would have died, then the mouse would probably have done a little jig on my dead body. Rodents *shudder*

Lisa said...

But P you like BATS! Silly girl.

I considered rescuing him, but I pictured a mouse running back into the dark bedroom trailing toilet water everywhere. Let's face it, even if you have a very clean toilet, the water is still gross and you don't want it all over the bedroom carpet.