Friday, January 20, 2006

More words

No new pictures today, although I do have some cute pics of the Blue Kids I need to upload when I get motivated.

Thanks to the loverly Boxy I have found a new resource for audiobooks, and once the kiddos are all asleep I will be knitting and listening and just plain enjoying myself. For now I am blog reading and knitting. Well except right now, as I took a break to type something here.

In the yarn world I am i-cording for the last of the six purses, and working on the bag for my grandma. It's funny how much I loved i-cording in the beginning and now I have to make myself do it.

Today the littlest Blue decided that he must make pancakes. Thankfully his cooking skills are limited to spreading dry pancake mix ALL OVER THE KITCHEN. His brother then decided to sweep up-all done while I was in the bathroom, of course-and spread things around just a bit more. I was extremely happy that no water had been added as I was able to vacuum it all up and the just a little wiping up of the leftovers. Ah kids, always surprising. ;)

My fil stopped by today and was PAID for the shawl I made that he gave to my mil. Of course I asked for pretty much just the cost of the yarn, but he gave me a bit more which was very nice of him. Wheeeeee! I also sent along the gift bag filled with the beach bag as we haven't had a chance to give it to ourselves. I hope she likes it. I am always nervous of what people think of the things I make them.

Now I am off to look at moving links (actual relocating, not emotional) with my friend V while I knit and eventually ipod away. Wheeeee!

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