Monday, August 08, 2011

Long time, no post

Ahh, here you are my blog, I have missed you! Having not been on an actual computer for a number of days this poor blog has been neglected. I tried posting from my phone a few times, but for some reason they wouldn't stick (I'm going with user error.) Things have been mighty busy in our world, Vacation Bible School at SOP, a trip to Minnesota for a family reunion, and all sorts of other little adventures. I'd written a post about VBS-which got lost, and started one about the Minnesota trip-which I didn't finish, so for now you get this post!

We've probably had our busiest summer yet, seems like we are always off to do something and the next two weekends will be no exception! I'm fairly certain we'll stay busy until school starts (and stay that way including a Labor Day Weekend trip to Lifelight.) I am most definitely NOT complaining, we have been having a blast. I'll try to come back to post about some of it, hopefully. I think.

Our garden is producing like a maniac and given its rocky beginnings with some late frosts it has really surprised us. The best are the brandywine tomatoes, which come in all sorts of fun sizes and shapes and are extremely delicious. We had one so large the slices of tomato were larger than the slices of bread for BLT's. YUM. That one I named Giganto tomato and most recently we've gotten Bizarro tomato, who is an oddly shaped duck but will hopefully taste just as yummy. I love having a garden and we're looking to expand it next year. Our herbs are doing very well, this year we only planted basil, oregano, and rosemary; next year we plan to add a few more. Love it.

In yarn news I've been crocheting and knitting away (after a brief hiatus due to the many mosquito bites I had on my hands), having lots of fun making headbands and a few other things-lately I've been into instant gratification. Last night we went swimming at my sister/brother in law's and afterwards I was having fun crocheting with my niece, Jozie. At 2 she isn't quite ready for full-blown projects, but she had a lot of fun pulling chain stitches through with me and we made ankle bracelets for everyone! Here are a few shots of her, I just love this kid. (pictures to be added later, as I am having some trouble with them. Apparently I'm technologically challenged right now.)

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