Friday, April 15, 2011

We have moved

and that's my excuse for lack of posting. Our move happened quickly, we were very sad to leave our neighborhood but on to new adventures! The good part of our move was purging A LOT of junk and stuff and now most of what we own fits into a single garage size storage unit, woohoo! Feels good to get rid of all the STUFF.

We've been through some big changes in our family over the past 6 months or so and the best part is that our family has grown closer AND stronger in our faith in God. I can only hope that will continue, through any other struggles we may face.

Not much of the yarny type stuff happening right now, I still need to finish my own furry flip flop, and then we'll see what comes after.

On the reading front I just finished Water for Elephants, which I found to be as good as others had said it would be. I often find myself shying away from really popular books, but was glad I didn't with this one. And I always like to read the book before seeing a movie made it from it, so that's done! I am also doing a couple different Bible studies, continuing to read the Apocrypha-although its been awhile since I've picked it up-as well as a book called Jesus-Experience the Power and Meaning of Christ-and when I can figure out where I packed it-Twelve Ordinary Men.

The rain has been coming down since yesterday and we're expecting SNOW again tonight. This type of weather is no good for my joints so I spent this morning resting-I haven't done enough of that lately and its showing in my inability to sleep and in my brain function (or lack thereof.) I guess its a good reminder of how all of this is helped by getting good rest.

Now to attempt to get moving and get some chores done in the rain-wheeeeee!

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