Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Finally here again

I once again forgot my email and password for this thing, until I remembered I use Mozilla and they are saved. Whew.

Where to start? On the health front I am having another flare, now the vasculitis is attacking my joints and causing arthritis. I feel like an old lady and am worried I am taking too many NSAID's. I started a new drug called Plaquinil, which will hopefully stop the joint damage in its tracks. I had to have an eye exam prior to starting it, apparently my eyes are reliable. I told the doctor I was happy to hear that something actually worked right. I'm having more of the jerks/shakes/tremors and hands aren't always working right, at least I've had a few years of this to get (mostly) used to it.

The five year old has climbed onto my lap in an effort to convince me he should get to do an "art projeck" using glue right now. I am staying strong with my no's. Colin+glue=scary, sticky disaster

On the home front-AACK GAH ACK HELP!! We're moving over the next week or so, the house we are moving into is a mess. Apparently the one or both of the dogs that have lived there have made it their mission to shit and piss everywhere. Contributing to the awfulness of it, the house has been closed up for a couple months. It SMELLS horrible and makes me want to cry. We have a LOT of work to do now, but have to wait for them to get the rest of their stuff out-of which there is a ton. Scary, scary, scary. We're trying to focus on the end result, instead of the process in getting there. We may just get drunk and stay that way through all of the work in cleaning it up.

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