Monday, December 19, 2005

Okay so it's Christmas time,

and I'm sure any readers would understand this time of year being busy. Right?

Still no pictures of the bags. :( My digital camera is doing all sorts of weird things and not taking pictures or holding a charge, grrrr. So no before pictures of the last three bags, and I also forgot to take before measurements. Sigh. If all fails I will resort to a cell phone pic, but you probably wouldn't be able to tell what the picture is of.

The bags are all felted and blocked and some just need their handles assembled. I am also adding a flower onto one of them for sure. My aunt decided to use them as birthday gifts for the year, you can imagine how relieved I was at finishing them so close to Christmas and feeling horrible and wondering exactly how much overnight shipping would cost and then finding out I could relax just a tiny bit. Whew.

Up next are two bags for my Grandma and my sister, and Arenne and Abbie have requested their own, especially when they learned I could add things like flowers to them. lol. I have to say at this point I am pretty bagged out, and am very glad I didn't commit to any other Christmas projects. I am determined to make myself a scarf to match the hat I made myself that I promise to take pictures of IF my camera cooperates at some point.

As for the non-yarn news, I am actually more ready for Christmas than I have been in the past as far as buying gifts goes. Wrapping is an entirely different story and I predict the same process as last year where I decided Santa gifts should not be wrapped! Wheee! I am hoping to finish up the shopping tomorrow and who knows when the wrapping will take place as I am working in the evenings and the kids will be off school starting Wednesday. If only the 3 year old could be distracted for me to get them done Wednesday but we all know that is impossible.

My sisters and family are coming into town at the end of the week, I am SO excited. I think I will steal the baby and take him home with us. I can't wait to see how much he has changed and hear him screech in person. Why is that now I can just laugh at the screeching? With my own I really wanted to invest in some earplugs, but with the nephew it is the CUTEST THING EVER! Probably like all things baby and child-related, I can send him home. ;) I can't wait to be able to see my sisters in person again and just have some really good family time.

I somehow have got to get more in the whole holiday spirit thing because it feels just like any other Monday except that I have more to do in a week. Hard to believe Christmas is THIS WEEKEND. Gah and someone light a happymerryjoyfulholidaychristmas fire under my ass, please.

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